International Joint Commission
October 1, 2005


The International Joint Commission (IJC) -- the U.S.-Canada government
body charged with protecting the waters of the Great Lakes -- is
inviting the public to a series of meetings in 14 cities across the
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin in Canada and the United
States in October and November.

Participants will be asked to express their views on what needs to be
done to protect water quality in their communities and on the future
of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the two countries.
The IJC will report these views to the two governments.

First signed in 1972 and last amended nearly 20 years ago, the Water
Quality Agreement outlines the commitment of each country to restore
and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the
waters of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem, including the international
portion of the St. Lawrence River. In the Agreement, the two
governments commit to virtually eliminate the input of persistent
toxic substances. It has also resulted in cooperation between the
United States and Canada to limit the discharge of nutrients and toxic
substances into the waters, restore degraded areas and undertake other
joint activities designed to improve water quality.

For those who cannot attend, the IJC will also conduct a Web Dialogue
and accept written and oral submissions until November 30, 2005. For
more information, call toll-free at 1-866-813-0642 or visit