Rachel's Precaution Reporter #18
December 28, 2005


Rachel's summary:  Now you can explain the precautionary principle to
your neighbors or your church group, using this simple, clear slide show,
which you can grab off the web for free.

A classy, free PowerPoint slide show is now available and it has
everything you need to put on a show for your neighbors or your
church, including a script that you can read while showing the slides.

It was prepared by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ
-- Lois Gibbs's group in Falls Church, Va.; Tel. 703-237-2249; and see
http://www.chej.org/ and http://www.besafenet.com/).

The slide show is available on the web in 7 parts. The slides
themselves are available in two forms -- as PowerPoint, and in
Microsoft Word so you can take them to a photocopy shop and get them
copied onto acetate overheads if you want to.

The slide show is also available on a CD from CHEJ: Tel. 703-237-2249.

This is a FABULOUS resource. --Peter Montague

Get all seven parts off the web here:

a. The slides in PowerPoint format (1.2 megabytes).
b. The slides in Microsoft Word format.
c. Some hints and instructions for putting on the show.
d. An introduction for presenters.
e. A script you can read while showing the slides.
f. A sign-in sheet for those who attend the show.
g. An evaluation form for participants to give you feedback.