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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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        European Union Re-endorses the Precautionary Principle
          "Where there is scientific uncertainty, implement 
          evaluation procedures and take appropriate 
          preventive action in order to avoid damage to human 
          health or to the environment."
        European Union Bans Phthalates in Toys
          The ban has had mixed reactions. Consumer 
          organisations and NGOs are relieved while the toy 
          industry points to a 'misuse of the precautionary
        Newborns Have Dangerous Chemicals in Their Blood
          Weil and Mazur aren't alarmists. But they both 
          support the ban-first, study-it-later 
          "precautionary principle," adopted in some
          countries in Europe.... In the United States, it's 
          the opposite scenario: science has to first prove 
          something is harmful before it is banned.
        Can Too Much Safety Be Hazardous?
          "There are at least two reasons why the 
          precautionary principle itself, when applied in its
          extreme, is a hazard, both to our health and our 
          high standard of living."


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