Rachel's Precaution Reporter

"Foresight and Precaution, in the News and in the World"

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

                   Table of Contents Edition
     Environmental Justice, Precaution, and Cumulative Impacts
       An EPA report on "the science of environmental justice" 
       recommends a precautionary approach to research, including
       consideration of multiple, cumulative exposures and stresses.
     Foresight: A Precautionary Experiment at a School in Harlem
       "Mr. Canada and his staff hope that the Promise Academy will 
       prove the importance of a serious school food program, much as 
       data from the national Head Start program was used to prove the 
       effectiveness of early education and support for children."
     Biotech Crops Invade Latin America
       A protest letter signed by numerous groups -- including co-ops, 
       social movements, and rural labor unions -- states that the 
       bill violates "the precautionary principle of the Biodiversity
     Fear the Reapers
       This author claims that the precautionary principle, or
       foresight principle, "forces us" to ignore the full costs of
       all the alternatives we consider, which of course is nonsense.


  Rachel's Precaution Reporter offers news, views and practical
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  to answer such questions as, Why do we need the precautionary   
  principle? Who is using precaution?  Who is opposing precaution?
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