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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

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      You Can Support Precautionary Action for the Great Lakes
        The U.S. and Canada are now reviewing the Great Lakes Water 
        Quality Agreement and will hold 14 public meetings and a Web 
        Dialog this month and next. This is a great opportunity to 
        embed precautionary thinking even more deeply into the
        restoration and protection of the Great Lakes.
      Principles for Review, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
        These official guidelines for the review of the Great Lakes 
        Water Quality Agreement show that precaution is on the agenda
        for discussion. Outspoken citizens can strengthen it.
      In the U.S., Precaution Originated in the Great Lakes
        The U.S. was first introduced to the precautionary principle by
        the visionary leadership of conservative Republican Gordon 
        Durnil who saw that precautionary action is the only hope for
        restoring and protecting the Great Lakes.
      A Gender-bending Chemical Is Common in Cosmetics and Toys
        Starting 30 years ago, studies in the Great Lakes began 
        revealing that gender-bending chemicals are changing the sexual 
        characteristics of wildlife. Now we know humans are affected 
        as well.


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