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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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     Eugene, Oregon Will Banish Pesticides from Some of Its Parks
       Citizens in Eugene and Portland, Oregon want city government to 
       minimize the use of chemical pesticides in public parks because 
       less-dangerous alternatives already exist.
     Victoria, British Columbia, Takes Aim at Pesticides
       "Victoria, British Columbia is on track to become the first 
       municipality in the region to ban use of pesticides for 
       cosmetic purposes in gardens and parks... following the lead of 
       at least 70 other municipalities in Canada with similar 
     Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Whelan Deserves a Response
       "Let's keep our focus on establishing the precautionary
       principle at the 'new product development stage' so it can
       redirect the path of innovation towards safer technologies, as 
       it has with food additives and drugs." -- Professor Clark 
     A Global Crisis: The Earth's Life-Support System Is in Peril
       The former European Commissioner for environment and three 
       well-known scientists say the earth is in danger of becoming 
       less habitable and that the precautionary principle must be
     The Precautionary Principle as a Basis for Decision Making
       "We argue that the precautionary principle does not help
       individuals or nations make difficult choices in a 
       non-arbitrary way. Taken seriously, it can be paralyzing, 
       providing no direction at all."


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