Monograph Documents Advance, Impact of Europe's 'Risk-Free' Regulatory

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- In a Monograph released today by
the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF), an international business and
trade expert documents the rise in Europe of the so-called
"precautionary principle" and its proponents' plans to export this
regulatory approach to U.S. and our trading partners.

This principle eschews science-based evaluation of the benefits and
costs of regulation in favor of environmental, health, and safety
rules which seek to eliminate every possible risk from economic

Exporting Precaution: How Europe's Risk-Free Regulatory Agenda
Threatens American Free Enterprise was authored for WLF by Lawrence A.
Kogan, an international business, trade and regulatory attorney who is
CEO and Co- Director of non-profit group The Institute for Trade,
Standards and Sustainable Development, Inc.

The publication features introductory materials by a diverse group of
commentators: James C. Greenwood, a former Member of Congress who is
now President and CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization;
Professor William H. Lash of George Mason University School of Law and
former Assistant Secretary of Commerce; Graham Mather, a former member
of the European Parliament and now President of the European Policy
Forum; and Professor Gray E. Marchant of the College of Law at Arizona
State University.

Mr. Kogan's extensively documented tour through the evolution and
application of the precautionary principle begins with a brief
definition of the term and then explains how European and
international activists have successfully advanced their risk-averse
agenda. Next, it provides examples of precaution-based European
regulations on everyday products such as foods and chemicals, and
discusses the costs they impose on customers and businesses in Europe.
Mr. Kogan then turns his attention to how precaution proponents are
successfully advancing their regulatory principles here in the U.S.,
and the serious impact their success will have on American free
enterprise. The Monograph concludes with an insightful philosophical
discussion of the precautionary principle's broader international
legal, political, and economic impact.

Washington Legal Foundation is a national, non-profit public interest
law and policy center. By utilizing a unique approach to forwarding
its mission -- - publishing timely legal studies, engaging in
innovative litigation, and communicating directly to the public -- WLF
has become the nation's most effective advocate of freedom and free
enterprise. The ITSSD is a non-profit, non-partisan organization
devoted to the promotion of a positive paradigm of sustainable
development consistent with free-market and WTO principles.

The paper can be accessed at Washington Legal Foundation's web site, To schedule an interview with Mr. Kogan, please
contact Audrey Mullen at 703-548-1160.

SOURCE Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable
Development, Inc.

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