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May 1, 2006


[Rachel's introduction: On to Baltimore! Big, important conference
scheduled for June 9-11. A decade of struggle by environmental
justice and toxics activists thrust the precautionary principle into
the spotlight. Now the U.S. Chamber of Commerce formally opposes it.
The Bush Administration hates it. The American Chemistry Council
denounces it. Yet it's spreading like the wind, spilling over into
land-use, sprawl, housing, and control of local economies for the
benefit of local people. Who knows where this could end? On to

Taking Precautionary Action: Roadmap for Success

June 9th -- 11th, 2006, University of Maryland School of Nursing,
Baltimore, MD

Join with hundreds of activist groups to share successful
precautionary strategies, tools, and programs. The conference will
bring together people working on toxics and nuclear pollution, disease
prevention, pesticides, worker safety, and many other issues.

Learn about over 50 model local, state, and nationwide precautionary
policies. Add practical new tools to your arsenal on messaging,
alternative assessments, full-cost accounting and more.

Participate in trainings on community organizing, fundraising,
advocacy, media outreach, and more. Help build the movement for
precautionary action to prevent harm from environmental hazards by
registering today!

Go to www.besafenet.com/ppconf.html

Space is limited, so please register soon. Reserve hotel at discount
rate by Friday, May 12th. Register by Friday, May 26th.

The 3 day Conference includes over 35 workshops. It starts Friday
10:00 AM and ends Sunday 4:00 PM.

For more information, contact ppconference@chej.org or 703-237-2249
ext. 11.