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December 5, 2006


Rachel's News -- Celebrating our 20th anniversary!! --
dedicated to creating a socially, economically and environmentally
just and sustainable world.

Dear Readers & Supporters,

We believe this world came to us as a gift from our forebears and we
have an obligation to pass it along to future generations undiminished
and undamaged. That is the essence of our work at Rachel's News and
we need your support to make this work possible.

Last Friday, December 1, 2006 we celebrated an important
anniversary -- twenty years of publishing Rachel's News!! Won't you
join us and make a special anniversary gift in the name of future

To donate by phone call: 888-272-2435; Click here for a 
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Donors of $250 or more will receive a complementary copy of Michael
Shuman's new book, 'The Small-Mart Revolution.'

Challenge grants welcome! You can also help us build capacity and
stability by making a bequest; for more information please call us at
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Your donation today makes a critical difference here at Rachel's
News. We depend on reader support to keep the lights on, the
computers running, and to fuel our research and writing.

Most importantly, your donation makes it possible for thousands of
youth, activists, workers, civil servants, business owners,
researchers, journalists and concerned community members to access
Rachel's News for free. Fifty two issues a year all archived and
searchable on our website -- all for FREE.

By making a donation to Environmental Research Foundation and Rachel's
News you are taking a stand for the health and well-being of future

Thank you for your support!

Peter Montague, Executive Director

Ed Begley Jr., President of the Board

To donate by phone call: 888-272-2435
Click here for a  printable form that you mail or fax.

We need your contribution today to reach new minds and open new doors
for preventing harm to the planet and future generations. So please
make a donation today. Whether its $50 or $500, your contribution
makes a huge difference to keeping our small operation going.

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