Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine  [Printer-friendly version]
February 22, 2006


[Rachel's introduction: Pressured by a lot of well-organized
citizens, Maine's governor, John Baldacci, signed an executive order
Feb. 22 committing state government to finding less-harmful
alternatives to toxic chemicals for consumer products and services --
a precautionary approach that doesn't even mention precaution. More
great work from activists in Maine! And hats off to Governor

AUGUSTA -- Maine Governor John Baldacci signed an Executive Order Feb.
22 in a Cabinet Room ceremony to promote safer chemicals in consumer
products and services.

Governor Baldacci says that the Executive Order commits the Government
of the State of Maine to phase out its use of long-lasting toxic
chemicals while making information available to the public about safer
alternatives to those chemicals.

The Executive Order further looks to the future by spelling out the
next steps that Maine will take against chemicals that have already
been identified as priorities such as mercury, lead and pesticides.

The Governor also announced the creation of a task force designed to
identify safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals and promote the
use and development of the alternatives. The task force will be made
up of representatives of environmental groups, people from the
business and labor communities, members of the University system,
state government and the general public.

"We are all at risk -- our children especially -- from hazardous
chemicals," Governor Baldacci said. "When there are toxic materials in
the house, kids will find them. I am proud that Maine is continuing to
be a leader in making this state one of the healthiest states in the

Governor Baldacci worked with the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy
Maine on the Executive Order. The Alliance is made up of
representatives from The Learning Disabilities Association of Maine;
The Maine Labor Group on Health; The Maine Environmental Health
Strategy Center; The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners
Association; The Maine People's Alliance; The Maine Public Health
Association; Maine Physicians for Social Responsibility; The
Natural Resources Council of Maine; and The Toxics Action Center.

Maine DEP secretary David Littell spoke at the signing of the
executive order.

Contact: Crystal Canney (207) 287-2531, Dan Cashman (207) 287-2531