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March 17, 2006


By Tim Montague

Helping community activists, local officials and small business
owners protect nature, human health and democracy

Dear Rachel's Readers and Supporters,

When we started publishing Rachel's News back in 1986 the movement for
environmental health and justice was just getting off the ground.
We're proud to be a catalyst for the flowering of that movement which
is now several hundred thousand activists strong.

Now, in our twentieth year, Rachel's News continues to bring you and
the thousands of community-based activists we serve the latest
information about issues like chemicals and health, environmental
justice, and the consequences of a throw-away society. Our focus has
shifted to encompass Democracy because the environmental and
social problems we all face are the result of a progressive loss of
democratic decision making.

If you scan our lead stories from the past month, you'll see we are
hitting on many of the key issues of our time: gender bending
chemicals, can we regulate dangerous technologies, the social
determinants of health, and why civilizations decline. Where
else can you find this hard hitting commentary and analysis of our
modern ways of doing business and how we can and must do better.

on what's working, what's not and We don't have a rote presciption for
all of societies ills. That will come from the collective action of
citizens making open, democratic decisions about their community. We
are providing those community activists with tools and concepts they
can use to strengthen their communities -- tools like the
precautionary principle, the public trust doctrine, and local living

With your support we can continue to spread these fundamentally
democratic ideas and tools to strengthen the fabric of society. Your
donation today will help us publish Rachel's News 52 times a year,
Rachel's Precaution Reporter (also 52 issues) and help us develop
programs to foster sustainability: the Precaution Academy (changing
the culture to embrace prevention), sustainable business consulting
(growing local living economies),

Environment, Health, Jobs and Justice

And we were one of a small handful of organizations spreading
scientific information about how industrial activity and unfettered
economic growth is impacting our health and the integrity of the
natural world we all depend on.