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April 4, 2006


Rachel's News -- Helping you protect nature, human health and
democracy since 1986

Dear Readers and Supporters,

When we started Rachel's News in 1986 the world was a very different
place. Humanity's influence on the global environment was a debate --
world population was just 4.9 billion compared to 6.5 billion today.
For twenty years Rachel's News has documented how unrestrained growth
and dangerous technologies (chemicals, biotech, nanotech and nuclear)
are threatening human health and the planet that sustains us. The
debate is over -- we HUMANS must find better ways of achieving our

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Since 1989 we've been writing about the Precautionary Principle and
how citizen action is driving the adoption of this valuable tool for
democratic decision making that ordinary citizens can understand and
use to protect their community. Together, we can create a world in
which it is commonplace to first ask: how can we minimize harm to the

Primary prevention has been an accepted public health practice for
over a hundred years -- yet we spend just one cent on the dollar (in
medical expenditures) on prevention in the U.S. today. With your help
we can reach out to new readers and spread the news about
precautionary action (good for people, good for the planet) -- your
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With your support we will continue to provide community activists,
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principle, the public trust doctrine, and local living economies.

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they can apply precautionary action in their communities.

** A national conference on precaution that we are sponsoring.

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Thank you for your ongoing readership and support!

Peter Montague, Executive Director

Ed Begley Jr., President of the Board

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