Healthy Building Network, December 20, 2006


[Rachel's introduction: Yesterday the environmental movement entered a new phase when the Healthy Building Network completed construction of its first "green building" to start replacing homes lost during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Environmentalists running a local green business, serving a local need -- this is new. You can help.]

By Bill Walsh

Dear Friends,

Seasons Greetings from the Healthy Building Network (HBN). I've been waiting to write to you this holiday season until the day I could share this thrilling piece of news with you: Today, HBN's Unity Homes project -- -- has just completed construction of the first prototype Unity Home in North Gulfport, Mississippi!

We are closer than ever to realizing our goal of providing healthy, green, affordable housing to families in the region devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and now I'm asking for your continued support of this groundbreaking initiative.

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North Gulfport Community Land Trust's Rose Johnson (center) with HBN's Mississippi Operations Director Lillie Bender (right)

The first Unity Home is set in North Gulfport, Mississippi

The Unity Home improves upon standard modular design with numerous energy saving components, low VOC finishes, and the elimination of formaldehyde and PVC plastic (also known as vinyl) to the maximum extent possible. Next month we will begin phase two of the project -- planning the construction of a modular home factory in the region. The factory will have the capacity to produce a minimum of 250 affordable homes per year, supplying people in the Gulf Coast and Delta regions with hurricane resistant, energy efficient and comfortable homes that are high quality and affordably priced.

The Unity Homes project fills a critical need for healthy affordable housing in the Gulf Coast region. I hope we can count on your support of this vital effort. Click here to make a secure online contribution to HBN and the Unity Homes project.

The construction of the first prototype home is the result of innovative collaborations that are the hallmark of the Healthy Building Network. In Mississippi we have established essential new partnerships with local community-based groups. In fact, the first prototype Unity Home is being donated to the North Gulfport Community Land Trust. We have also benefited from vast amounts of pro-bono legal and strategic support, and worked with leaders in the fields of green architecture and design. Visit the Unity Homes website to learn more about our partnerships, view our construction gallery, and to take a virtual tour of the home.

The Healthy Building Network and the Unity Homes project are both nonprofit ventures supported entirely by contributions from charitable foundations and individuals like you. Last year you helped HBN exceed our goal in our first-ever public appeal for funds and your support truly energized our work. We appreciate your support and hope that this year you will make a generous contribution to help bring the Unity Homes project into full scale production.

The need for rebuilding in the Gulf remains great and the Unity Homes project offers proof that we can meet this urgent need with green, healthy, affordable homes. To show our gratitude for your support, when you make a monthly pledge or a one time gift to HBN you may choose from this year's updated selection of special premium gifts.

With thanks in advance for your consideration, all of us at the Healthy Building Network send our wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season.

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