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September 12, 2006


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We've been helping grass-roots activists make better informed
decisions about our environment and community health for over twenty
years. Together, our work has paid off!: In the 1990's we helped shut
down 90% of all landfills in America; WITH MANY OTHER GRASS-ROOTS
ACTIVISTS we crippled the garbage incineration industry, stopping the
construction of 80% of these wasteful, polluting machines. And we
helped citizens deep-six a whole series of "low level" radioactive
waste dumps planned for each region of the country with their
associated transportation hazards.

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We work hard to keep you abreast of industry's continued onslaught of
dangerous technologies like genetic engineering and nanotechnology.
And we highlight the most innovative ways that citizens are fighting
back -- with tools like the Precautionary Principle, the Public Trust
Doctrine and a slew of innovations like Zero Waste, Renewable
Energy, and Local Living Economies.

More and more our work is about preventing environment and health
problems. We believe Americans have better things to do than to fight
polluted air-water-and-food. With your donation today, we'll
continue to doggedly promote safer alternatives and better decision-
making tools. Another world is possible.

We envision a day when everyone involved in the decision-making
process about dangerous technologies will ask: "How can we achieve
prosperity while at the same time minimizing harm to people and the
environment." It's that simple, but it's a profound shift.

Help us make that shift a reality and donate now.

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Peter Montague, Executive Director

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