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March 17, 2006


Rachel's News -- Helping you protect nature, human health and
democracy since 1986

By Tim Montague

Dear Readers and Supporters,

When we started publishing Rachel's News back in 1986 the movement for
environmental justice was just getting started. We're proud to be a
catalyst for that movement which has flowered into hundreds of
activist organizations. Organized citizen action is the key to
improving our democracy. Support our work for the environment,
health, jobs, and justice today by making a secure donation.

Now, in our twentieth year, with your ongoing support, Rachel's News
continues to bring you and the thousands of community-based activists
the latest information you need about critical social, environmental
and public policy issues like chemicals and health, environmental
justice, and the consequences of a throw-away society. Our focus has
shifted to encompass democracy because the environmental and social
problems we all face are the result of a progressive loss of
democratic decision making.

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