Rachel's Precaution Reporter #38

"Foresight and Precaution, in the News and in the World"

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Portland, Oregon City Council Adopts Toxics Reduction Strategy
  Portland, Oregon and Multnomah County have adopted a precaution-
  based purchasing policy intended to reduce governmental use of toxic
World Council of Churches Urges Ban On 'Terminator' Technology
  The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches has issued a
  strong condemnation of terminator seeds and has called on churches
  and ecumenical partners to take action to stop the technology. The
  Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia warns that sterile seed technology would
  increase economic injustice all over the world:"Applying technology to
  design sterile seeds turns life, which is a gift from God, into a
Environmentalists' Quest to Ban Life-Saving Flame-Retardants
  Radical anti-environmentalist Elizabeth Whelan once again distorts
  and misrepresents the precautionary approach so that she can trash it.
  Her work is funded mainly by corporate polluters.


  Rachel's Precaution Reporter offers news, views and practical
  examples of the Precautionary Principle, or Foresight Principle, in
  action. The Precautionary Principle is a modern way of making
  decisions, to minimize harm. Rachel's Precaution Reporter tries to
  answer such questions as, Why do we need the precautionary
  principle? Who is using precaution? Who is opposing precaution?

  We often include attacks on the precautionary principle because we  
  believe it is essential for advocates of precaution to know what
  their adversaries are saying, just as abolitionists in 1830 needed
  to know the arguments used by slaveholders.

  Rachel's Precaution Reporter is published as often as necessary to
  provide readers with up-to-date coverage of the subject.

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