Rachel's Precaution Reporter #55

"Foresight and Precaution, in the News and in the World"

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Canadian Cancer Society Embraces Precautionary Principle
  "In the absence of 'hard science,' the [Canadian Cancer] Society
  promotes the precautionary principle, which recognizes the value of
  taking common sense steps to prevent harm to human health or the
Precaution Needed to Stop Spread of Genetic Contamination of Rice
  Illegal genetically-modified rice was recently discovered
  contaminating conventional rice in Europe and China. The contaminating
  gene may cause allergic reactions in some humans. Greenpeace warns
  that rice in the Philippines is in danger of similar genetic
  contamination unless precautionary action is taken.
Members of European Parliament Discuss How to Save Bluefin Tuna
  Approximately 50,000 tons of tuna are caught every year, while
  about 25,000 tons would be sustainable. All participants in the
  hearing agreed that a crisis was looming, and that urgent action was
  required. Even absent exact data, "the precautionary principle
  commands us to act," said a European Commission representative.
California May Create an Early Warning System for Toxic Chemicals
  The California legislature has passed a bill to create an "early
  warning system" by measuring toxic chemicals in the bodies of
  California residents. The bill now sits on Governor Schwarzenegger's
  desk, awaiting his signature or veto. "By monitoring, we can provide
  the kind of data we need to better understand links between chemical
  exposure and rates of disease, and communities that are
  disproportionately affected," said Janet Nudelman of the Breast Cancer
Precaution Activist Joins Mendocino County Planning Commission
  Britt Bailey, who successfully shepherded a precautionary principle
  ordinance through the legislative process in Mendocino County, has
  now been appointed to the County Planning Commission.


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  to know the arguments used by slaveholders.

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