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[Rachel's introduction: A British firm argues that its flame retardant (FR) product is manufactured from foodstuffs, so is inherently safe and needs no precautionary evaluation for potential harm. Is this so-called "biomimetic" approach a valid substitute for precautionary scientific testing?]

GOOLE, England -- The UK based company Yaaparra Ltd claims their fire retardant (FR) chemical is 'evaluated by evolution'. Inspired by the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle) in human metabolism, the Yaaparra Ltd. fire retardant is made of 'E- classified foodstuffs', thus inherently adapted to human chemistry.

This evolutionary risk analysis suits low-cost substances like FR chemicals. Cost is what makes the much discussed 'precautionary principle' more complex in practise than in theory. For example new medical drugs are tested for many years before they are allowed on the market -- a precaution far too expensive and cumbersome for other chemicals affecting human health and environment on a daily basis.

The bio mimetic approach is a shortcut to long evaluations. By emulating processes used by nature generation after generation new substances can 'inherit' long term testing results.

About Yaaparra Ltd.

Fire retardant (FR) chemicals are added into tens of thousands of inherently flammable industrial products like upholstered furniture, carpets, vehicle and building interiors and components. Hundreds of different chemical FR combinations are competing on this multi billion US dollar global market -- some are banned and many others questioned from the perspectives of human health and product end-of-life issues.

Just search the web for "flame retardants" or "fire retardants" to see the scope of the FR issue.

This is why the Molecular Heat Eater (MHE) has been created. MHE is the first FR system developed from the perspective of human metabolism. MHE is made of foodstuffs eaten by humans for generations -- hence the ingredients in MHE are 'evaluated by evolution'. The bio mimetic MHE enables 'future proof fire safety'.

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