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February 7, 2012


[Editor's introduction: This is a very incomplete list. Please email
additions or corrections to peter@rachel.org. Thanks! -- Peter

Advanced Resources International


Aker Clean Carbon

Aker Solutions -- Norway

Alston_&_Bird_LLP Carbon Management Blog


American Energy Security

American Fuels Coalition -- coal to liquid fuels

American Shale Oil, Inc.

America's Power -- formerly Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (See also [1] and [2].)

Architecture 2030 (See [1])

Australia Department of Climate Change

Bellona Foundation -- Norway

Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership (See also [1].)

Blue Source

BP Alternative

BRGM (France)

British Columbia government (Canada)

California Air Resources Board

Can Geosequestration Save the Coal Industry?

Canadian CCS Task Force

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Database

Carbon Capture and Storage Association -- London, U.K.

Carbon Capture Journal

Carbon Management Council

Carbon Sequestration FAQ Information Portal (See also [1].)

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (See also [1].)

Carbon Sequestration News

Carbon Sequestration Reference Shelf

CCS Dispatch

CCS News

CCS Information Resources

Cenovus Energy -- Canada

Center for American Progress

Center for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage

Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force report, "Taming Coal"

Clean Development Mechanism and CCS

Climate Institute -- Australia

Club CO2 -- France

CO2 Capture Project

CO2GeoNet -- Europe

Dakota Gasification Company



Dynamis -- Norway

ENGO Network -- Big Green (see also Sierra Club, Izaak Walton League)

Enhance Energy, Inc. (Calgary, Canada)

Environment Canada

Environmental Defense Fund

E.ON Energie (Germany)


European Commission Introduction to CO2 Capture and Storage

European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Families Organized to Represent the Coal Economy (FORCE) (Be sure to see [1]).

FENCO-ERA (European Commission)


Friends of Coal

Futuregen Alliance

FutureGen EIS

Futuregen Liability Protection Act (Illinois Public Act 095-0018)

Futuregen -- Partnership with India

Futuregen -- U.S. Department of Energy

Futuregen -- Wikipedia

G8 Plan of Action

Gasification Technologies Council


Geological Storage of CO2 -- European Network of Excellence

Global CCS Institute

Global Energy Technology Strategy Project -- and see [1]

Goldman Sachs (See [1].)

Gorgon -- Australia

Great Plains Institute

Green Alliance -- U.K.

Gulf Coast Carbon Center

Harvard University

Headwaters Energy Services

Hydrogen Energy California [HECA] (now a project of SCS Energy, which see)

Idaho National Laboratory -- Carbon Sequestration Program (See also [1] &

IFP (French Petroleum Institute)

In Salah BP's CCS project in Algeria

Institute of Transportation Studies -- U.C. Davis

Integrated CO2 Network (Canada)

Interagency Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force--U.S. [and see 1]

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Internal Revenue Service -- U.S.

International Energy Agency -- CCS search results

International Energy Agency GHG Networks -- Overview of Networks

International Energy Agency CO2 Capture Networks

International Energy Agency CCS Monitoring Network

International Energy Agency Oxy-Fuel Combustion Network

International Energy Agency Risk Assessment [for CCS] Network

International Energy Agency Wellbore Integrity Network

International Energy Agency Social Research Network

International Energy Agency Environmental Impact Assesssment Network

International Energy Agency CCS Summer School

International Maritime Organization -- status of the London Protocol

International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of
CO2 -- Canada

International Test Centre for CO2 Capture (Canada)

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

Izaac Walton League endorsement of CCS

Joyce Foundation -- Coal Fact Sheet

Joyce Foundation -- New Era for Coal?

Joyce Foundation -- "We know the technology exists..."

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory -- Carbon Management Program

Los Alamos National Laboratory -- Carbon Sequestration Program

Mesaba Project (Iron Range, Minnesota)

Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium

Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

Mitsubish Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japan)

M.I.T. Carbon Sequestration Home Page

M.I.T. Carbon Sequestration Initiative

M.I.T. report, "The Future of Coal" (March, 2007)

Mongstad -- Norway

National Commission on Energy Policy

National Energy Technology Lab -- Carbon Sequestration Home page

National Energy Technology Lab -- Carbon Sequestration Newsletter

National Energy Technology Lab -- Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Archive

National Energy Technology Lab -- Global CCS Database

National Mining Association

National Risk Assessment Partnership

Natural Resources Defense Council: "Just do it"

Natural Resources Defense Council: response to M.I.T. coal report

Natural Resources Defense Council: Opportunities for CCS in China

Nornew, Inc.

North American Carbon Capture & Storage Association (See also [1] and [2].)

NRG Energy (IGCC coal plants)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Peabody Energy (formerly, Peabody Coal)

Pembina Institute -- Canada

Petroleum Technology Research Centre -- Canada

Pew Center on Global Climate Change -- CCS is "the key enabling technology"

Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership

Princeton University Carbon Mitigation Initiative (funded by Ford Motor, and BP)

Purgen One -- SCS Energy

Rentech, Inc.

Rio Tinto

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center

Sandia National Laboratories

SaskPower -- Canada


Santos Moomba CCS project (Australia)

Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage

Schlumberger -- "Carbon storage is within our expertise."

Schlumberger -- SEED program

Senergy (U.K.)

SFA Pacific, Inc.

Sierra Club -- CCS is "a potentially important tool"

Silverado Green Fuel, Inc.

SINTEF -- Norway

Sleipner (web site by oil services firm, Schlumberger)

Snovit -- Norway

Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

Southern Company

Southern States Energy Board

Southwest Partnership CO2 Sequestration

Stanford University CO2 Storage

Syntroleum Corp.

TNO -- Netherlands

Total -- France

Tri4CCS Alliance

UK Carbon Capture and Storage Community

Ultra Clean Fuels

Union of Concerned Scientists (See also [1].)

U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center

U.S. Climate Action Partnership (See also [1] and [2].)

U.S. Climate Change Science Program

U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Capture and Water Use

U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Projects -- I

U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Projects -- II

U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Research

U.S. Department of Energy Geologic Sequestration Regional Partnerships

U.S. Department of Energy -- Loan Guarantees for CCS projects

U.S. Department of Energy -- Novel Sequestration Concepts

U.S. Department of Energy -- Sequestration

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey

Utah Geological Survey Carbon Sequestration Project

Utility Workers Union of American -- AFL-CIO

Wallula [Washington] Energy Resource Center

West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

West Virginia Coal Association

Western Governors Association resolution 07-16

Weyburn-Midale CO2 Project


World Coal Institute

World Energy Council

World Resources Institute

Zero Emission Resource Organization -- Norway