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January 4, 2007


If you know of resources for climate justice that we have missed,
please send an email to erf@rachel.org. Thanks very much.
-- Tim Montague

African Americans and Climate Change: An Unequal Burden

Apollo Alliance

Bali Principles of Climate Justice

Blue/Green Alliance

Carbon Trade Watch

CDM Watch

Climate Change In California: Health, Economic and Equity Impacts, a
report prepared for the California Air Resources Board.

Climate Justice: Enforcing Climate Change Law

Climate Justice Institute

Climate Justice Now

Corpwatch Climate Justice Initiative

Durban Group for Climate Justice

EJ & Climate Change Initiative

Forests & the European Union Resource Network

Global Justice Ecology Project

Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous Power: A New Energy Economy, by Winona LaDuke

It's Getting Hot in Here

Rising Tide UK

Rising Tide Australia


Sustainable Energy & Economy Network

Ten Principles for a Just U.S. Climate Policy

The Climate of Poverty: Facts, Fears and Hopes

The Corner House

Toward a Just Climate Policy by Andrew J. Hoerner

Transnational Institute's Carbon Trade Watch